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Robert Martineau

Airflow Deflector Inc.
Montreal, Canada
Established in 1994, AirFlow Deflector manufactures and supports a full suite of Side Underride protection devices and other clean aerodynamic technology products, engineered to decrease the potential for injury and death to pedestrians and cyclists, as well as to reduce the fuel consumption rates of the transportation industry.

By redefining the North American road and highway landscape, our safety and aerodynamic technologies provide the industry with a product line recognized for having the strongest safety standards as well as the highest fuel consumption efficiency rates. The level of commitment in research and development found within our products continue to have a positive impact on the industry, resulting in significant reductions to personal injury and death as well as reducing associated greenhouse gas emissions of trucking fleets by up to 12%.

AirFlow Deflector is proud of the strong contributions made by its team of devoted individuals in the pursuit of personal safety and a greener environment. It is their continued perseverance and alignment with our corporate vision that have earned us a reputation for providing quality custom molding services with the highest standards. Today, our dedication in research and development efforts enable us to be well positioned to embrace new technologies in the quest for continued industry-excellence.

“Our mission is to end serious traffic-related injuries and death as no level of human loss is acceptable.”