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Karin Hassner

WSP | Parsons Brinckerhoff (Sweden)
Road Safety Expert
Stockholm, Sweden
Karin Hassner (WSP | Parsons Brinckerhoff Sweden) has a long experience in working with road safety during all stages of transportation planning. She has championed the cause of pedestrians, cyclists and children in a number of projects that have sought to improve everyone's journey in the city. The work implementing road safety in Sweden, mainly in cities, has been not only a technical issue. With over 25 years working in or together with cities on road safety, Karin knows what is needed regarding pedagogical and strategic skills, to succeed in decreasing accidents in road traffic. Besides coordinating the right technical, engineering, safety research, and policy actions, Karin brings skills in stakeholder engagement, psychology, pedagogy, and coordination with the healthcare community. She always works together with, and within, the society and community to achieve respect and success, with a clear understanding of the benefits and costs of certain approaches. Karin is very familiar with the intentions and new thinking in the Vision Zero. She helps to achieve success by guiding the larger project team to work within and together with the community of stakeholders.