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Pedestrian League and Mexico City's Vision Zero Coalition
Luchador, fighting for pedestrian rights in Mexico City
Mexico City, Mexico
Born and raised in the chaotic capital city of Mexico this masked "luchador" (wrestler) is a pedestrian activist superhero. Peatónito used to be a normal citizen until one day he decided to fight for the rights of the walkers. This idea came to this young man when he went to the "lucha libre" arena, the Mexicans' favourite spectacle. The next day he brought the fight from the arena to the streets. The goal: to build a city for the people and not for the cars. His superpowers: pushing backwards automobiles that invade the pedestrian crosswalks, painting zebra crossings at dangerous intersections, walking across the tops of cars parked on sidewalks, helping vulnerable people to cross the street and reporting pedestrian obstacles to the authorities. Nowadays he is an expert on the subject of walkability and road safety. This vigilante of the streets loves to participate in tactical urbanism interventions that he calls "walking urban guerrillas". In addition, this pedestrian champion is the defence in a soccer team with his friends, he plays the bass guitar in a punk rock band and one day he would love to travel all around the world by bicycle. ¡Viva la Pedestrian Revolution!